Point Zaca

The Center Of The Eclectic Universe

This is what guards the river enroute to Point Zaca. The locals call them Lizards.

A "Burd" in a tree. They work as partners with the Lizards-keeping track of any lost or weak trekkers.

A pair of lovely small Birds

The locals called them "Burds."

Here Kitty Kitty ... A Baby whose bite is worse than it's purr.

Not the tastiest animal - but lots of them. The Zacian cattle grazing on "The Green Plain."

A typical scene on the infamous north side of Point Zaca. These make good sacrifices for safe passage at the river & waterhole.

The rare Zacian Mullett Monkey

The rarest animal in Pt Zaca - The Haight Ashbury Rhino.

When very bored - locals paint their ponies

Before Picture-this one has escaped "striping" because it's owner keeps it locked up.

Propagating the species ...

A female slips away from guarding the water hole for a few minutes only to be put to work propagating the species.

They call these huge beasts Ellyfunts-very scary to run into at night.

A bunch of Ellyfunts in the daylight.

They don't have a name for these but everyone likes the Kool Horns.

Kitty Kitty hoping Momma saves him some red meat.

Many Rivers to Cross ... this one guarded by Walking Billboards