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The size of your Knick Knacks get larger when you live in a Castle. England 2008.


Other Adventures

Amazing, they had Indoor Restrooms in Fort Worth TX, who knew.


One of my all time favorite Horses, Lexington, KY. The Lone Ranger would've loved to have had this one.



Just so we could say we were in Willies Birthplace.



No Caption Needed!!!!



My ongoing fascination with Metal Art. Sir Sheet Man the Explorer, west of San Marcos, TX.




A very cool Danish Count or something like that LIVES here and has a huge "Transportation Musuem" lots of Great Stuff, it is all open to public and great fun.

Odense. Denmark.2008




These are just some motorized 2 wheelers in his Musuem. Odense Denmark




More Two wheelers from Castle/Musueum. Odense Denmark



More of the Castle/Museum. He even has Planes.


I loved the Micro Cars.










Some people in Denmark have elaborte Spigots. Old Arhaus, Denmark. 2008





If you know who the guy on the right is - you are hip to J-Tex, roots americana at its' best, from Denmark.

Seen here with Two of his american fans. Copenagen 2008.




I love the contrast here between the centuries old castle the trucks & oh yeah the Jet. England 2008