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Way Back When ...

My parents were both born and raised in and around Carthage-Jasper-Lamar Missouri area, my Dad was one of 12 kids, 11 survived to adulthood. My Mother was youngest of 7 kids, and was 10 years old in 1936 when her Father supposedly killed himself. The newspaper accounts say there were some suspicious circumstances but nothing that could prove it wasn't suicide. Her mother had mental health issues and had been in and out of Nevada State Hospital prior to this tragedy and afterwards she was re-admitted and lived there for the rest of her life, living to be, or close to, 100 years old. 

I have Two newspaper accounts of this event thanks to the State of Missouri Historical Society: The longer more in depth one from the Lamar Democrat which has more detail and questions how he could have used the shotgun to kill himself is almost impossible to read and too large to reproduce here.

This is the shorter account from Golden City, MO.


My mother and her brother Jewell were then raised by her older sisters (at least one sister was married) and brothers (though one was already in California). Of my Mom's familiy there were a few that we had regular contact with, and some we never saw because we lived so farm apart. The ones I saw the most of and have many good memories of were her sister Maude and brother Clive - whose nickname was "Curly" - who was in Calif. when we moved there and got my Dad into Carpenter work and was part of our extended family. I had many a good time fishing or going to Jalopy Races with my Uncle Curly.


My Mother was my Fathers 2nd wife and he married her when she was barely 18, and she had me 2 years later. I believe she suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with me. My Father had Two sons with his 1st wife, and was 31 years old when I was born.

Picture of half brothers here.


This must have been a big day for my folks, they both had their picture taken with what I assume was "our Cow."

If you are wondering, yes that is the Outhouse in the background.





I was born in Southwest Missouri in November 1946. Thi spicture was probably taken a few months later, looks like a early spring day.


We left Southwest Missouri when I was around 3 1/2 years old, and my Dad started following work as a Laborer on Heavy Construction projects in New Mexico (near Alamagordo) and then to Colorado Springs, Colorado for at least Two years where he worked on the construction of the Air Force Academy and we got our 1st Trailer, a 28' Liberty. I went to Kindergarden here starting when I was 4 years old because I turned 5 before end of the Calendar Year. 

Pictures of life in Colorado here.




Southwestern Missouri, near Carthage, on Grandpa & Grandma Rush's "Farm" - probably around 1950 or 51 on my Mom & Dads trip from Colorado Springs Colorado to Tampa Florida pulling our recently purchased 28' Liberty Trailer Home behind Dads Studebaker pick up. This ended up as a One Year move. I went to 1st grade and we stopped the next summer on our way to North Sacramento, California.