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OK World - stop the Bull Shit!!!!

Posted by pointzaca on May 25, 2006 at 1:29 AM

Current mood: sad

A bad couple of days for sadness and craziness.

One of my co-workers had a nephew and a couisin and 2 of their freinds get caught up in & shot in a drive by gang shooting in Chicago last weekend. The cousin died, and the nephew is on life support with massive clotting in his brain. I met the nephews sister last year at a dinner when we were in Chicago for a trade show. The nephew is 29 and a grad student. My co-worker summed it up:"What a waste!" 

Then tonite my oldest stepdaughter called her mom with news that her oldest sons (my wifes grandson) long time girlfriends younger brother had killed himself. And she (his sister) had been the one who found him. She is such a sweet girl. She and grandson have been going together since she was a sophmore in HS and she is now senior in college. He graduated from college last year and we all sort of assume they'll probably get married next year after she finishes. Her parents must be devastated, and what a tragic memory for her, finding him like that. Again, what a waste!

I don't believe God really controls the day to day bull shit and craziness or even the happy stuff in our world. He (the unknowable essence of energy that created this planet and the lifeforms that inhabit it) only made this level of existence as a testing ground for our souls in his other worlds. How we deal with the tests and trials here, and if we work to aquire good attributes, determine how close we can be to that energy in the next world (heaven) or how far away (hell) we have to be. So, for me, it doesn't do any good to blame God for shootings and war and suicide or car wrecks, or any of the other zillion and one calamities on this planet. Most of these are shit we created - and the other stuff just is part of the overall craziness that makes this such a good testing ground for our souls. If humans TRULY submit to Gods Will, we, of course, wouldn't kill each other, or ourselves.

And I'm far short from walking the walk, i.e. I don't think I'll need much sunblock in the next world. I can almost hear God now, "what a waste!"

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