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YOHo!! All excited & sh*t!!!

Posted by pointzaca on May 13, 2006 at 10:31 AM Comments comments (0)

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Awreeeeet!! Pretty damn sweeeeet!! Thursdays paper had ad for just added Lyle Lovett show here in Mad City usofa and tickets went on sale at 10AM and I scored four good ones together, so my sweety and I and my co-worker who digs good tunes and his sweety will be there (because we ain't square) - now if I could just talk Lyle into having Ms Debbie Watson open for him it'd be the perfect show!

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CD Run

Posted by pointzaca on May 6, 2006 at 3:39 AM Comments comments (0)

Had to make a CD run- wasn't intended but you know how it goes. Ran into Best Buy for a replacement Paper Shredder (a sign of the times-don't feel safe without one), and then thought Oh I wonder if they have that Brian Setzer Rockabilly Riot CD, and of course it's a giant freaking big box store, of course they have it, so I got that and his 2 disc collection, and then there's a Roy Orbison collection, and then a Los Lobos collection, oh and theres Billy Joe Shavers latest, so like a kazillion dollars later I'm back at the Magnum ripping the cellophane off Rockabilly Riot so I can put it in the player (sorry J Tex but I had to eject you- not for long though) fumbling and getting jacked like some crack head with a rock ( I can only speculate here) and wifeee is gettin' impatient but managed to chill so I could get it in the slot and cruise home with "My Girl is Red Hot (yours ain't dooodely squat)" blasting away into our almost senile eardrums. Ah life is freakin' good.

Gettin' Busy

Posted by pointzaca on April 22, 2006 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Gettin' Busy 
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The weather is now full on Spring so that means I'm heading into some busy times, and probably won't be blogging much. So many other things to do, getting the Ol Wooden Boat into the water and doin' some fishin', Hot Roddin in my 67 Ford Truck, outdoor projects (more gardening this year since wife is still re-coopin' from her shoulder surgery), Car Shows & Cruises, and of course work -always more Trade Shows & Sales Trips this time of year with good weather. Was in Minneapolis 2 days last week, will be in Atlanta 1st week in May, and Dallas last week in May for Trade Shows. Hoping to tie in some live music listening into trips, not always easy to do, but seems like there are usually an opportunity or two. Going to a couple big Car Shows for sure,  maybe the Show Me F100 thing down in Branson in July, but mostly smaller cruise oriented things, those are most fun. Anyway, went to bed too early so I woke up and had to go on line to see what's up. Later,

White Trash With Money

Posted by pointzaca on April 8, 2006 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Yes it's true I am - White Trash with Money - my neighborhoods worst nightmare - and this is one of the weekends they all cringe and wonder how I snuck in. This is the weekend my Hot Rod Ford Truck comes out of it's winter hibernation and all 390 cubic inches of  it's hell fire breathing FE engine come to life and shakes it's cover off and the wintertime slumber out of it's dual 3" exhaust pipes. And I cackle with delight and crank up the CD Player with Dwight screaming Guitars & Cadillacs & Hillbilly Music blastin' into the calm surburban Saturday morning.

Why live here? Well whats the point of doing better than your parents and not improving your lifestyle? I doubt they would have lived in Trailers if they could have afforded something better. My dad died in 76 at 61, when I was 30, so unfortunately he never got to see me get it together enough to be a homeowner, have kids, etc. And I like to think he'd be damn proud of me for earning the lifestyle I have. And I know he'd dig my old wooden boat and love to go fishing with me and my wife if he was around.

Not too sure what he'd think about my old truck though, he wasn't too much into going fast or customizing or hopping up vehicles. If he knew how much I spent getting my truck made over he'd be speechless (never said much anyway though) for sure.

So enough blogging time to do my dirty deeds (though not always done dirt cheap).


End of March Blahs - hoping for some April "Aaahhhs"

Posted by pointzaca on March 26, 2006 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

End of March Blahs - hoping for some April "Aaahhhs"
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Weather is nice today - we had January weather most of March because we had March weather in January.

Soon I can get my Hot Rod truck out and cruise away the winter blues.

So much else to write about and so little time and I never know where to start and I make small talk about the damn weather.

If you haven't seen the Neil Young  concert film "Heart of Gold" yet, getch yer butt down to the theater. Hey you owe it the the guy, he's poured his soul out for us for practically a half century. And if you're like me and have a crush on Emmy Lou - well she's so damn beautiful in this film that I gasped out loud when she came on screen. My heart pitter pats just recalling it.

Taking the doggy for a walk. ciao

Nada problema ...

Posted by pointzaca on March 6, 2006 at 11:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Nothing makes work more fun than co-workers who crack you up. I work with a guy who has  the same demented sense of humor as me. He can riff on almost anything, but is damn smart as well. He can recite almost the entire dialogue from obscure movies (like Repo Man!) and knows good places to eat everyplace in the country (except Detroit, but hey there's a reason for that!). Sometimes I think we should start a business helping companies develop a Corporate Sense Of Humor.

Traitor to the Blue Oval ... hey, shit happens!

Posted by pointzaca on February 22, 2006 at 11:17 PM Comments comments (0)
My 2000 Sable Wagon was getting pretty shabby and at 100K miles I knew it wouldn't be long before I wouldn't be able to get a second look for a trade in. I wanted to stick with FoMoCo, honest. I mean it's been 12 years since anything non-Ford (and it was a Mazda 626 which had a Ford 4 cyl. engine) has been in my garage. I mean I tried to like the Freestyle, (but has same 3.0 as in my Sable and it's big as a mini van, and I heard some bad things about CVT and Towing, and even the top of line was kinda cheap feeling on the inside), I tried to like a Mariner (no rear legroom, no climate control, and I'm not sure I'm a SUV guy, really like wagons), hell I even tried to like a Town Car (the damn dash sticks out over 2' into the doorway!, but I just couldn't get as excited about anything Ford makes as I did for the Dodge Magnum. I almost got one in summer of 2004 when they first came out, but was disappointed that AWD wasn't available yet and they were pricey, but I never forgot about them. Well - as it turns out I stumbled across a hellava deal on a used (22k Miles, fully loaded, even Navigation, AWD, R/T at a dealer in Milwaukee, it came to them from Chrysler in December (it has paperwork showing it was ordered and owned by Chrysler Excetutive in MI, and was actually a very early AWD (delivered in August 2004). This dealer has a strict 60 day rule on all used cars, they take anything that hasn't sold in 60 days to Auction, and since Dec & Jan are such slow months at dealers it was set to go on Monday the 20th (I ran across on Sat. the 18th, so had to put up or shut up, and thank god for good credit and convenience checks, I got it for 22K, 6K under listed price and they gave me a little for my Sable as well). I know - the perfect "Impending Event" close, and hey if it was, it worked. Anyway it has every thing I'd want and it's probably as fast if not faster than my Truck. It really nails you back in the seat, and it's just a R/T 5.7, not the SRT version with even more HP. So anyway, thats my excuse for now having a non-Ford daily driver.

I should add that this was discovered and pretty much done over the internet. I also got my 2000 Sable Wag in 2001, and my 95 Sable Wag in 98 over the internet. The 95 was in MI and I flew over and drove it back.

USVI Dreamin'

Posted by pointzaca on February 21, 2006 at 9:54 PM Comments comments (0)

So the wife & I got away for a week a week ago to the USVI, went to St Thomas for 4 days with a day trip to St John and then spent 3 days on St Croix. Needless to say my body got to soak in some warm salt water and do some snorkeling - life was good. I'd always wanted to see what the USVI was like. Back in 1972 when I left Tobago after my year there, and was going to start college to collect GI Bill $$$, and since the USVI is a US Possession I could have went to the College they have, but of course my 1st wife Susie was on her way back to So. Calif, and like a PW'd idiot I chased right after. And we know how well that turned out. (But at least I did start Long Beach City College that fall, and like Robin Williams I can proclaim "I spent 5 wonderfiul years at a 2 year college!"). The USVI was nice - a pretty good mixture of West Indies ( I had Roti!!!) but also just enough like the States (K Mart, KFC, etc) that I could see living there (I'd pick St Croix, fewer hills, less density (bigger Island same population as St Thomas) and therefore a slower pace and I think it has better year around surf (though the Atlantic doesn't have much during the summer anywhere).

Of course we come back to horrid cold weather, which had to happen I guess. Now it's just slog through another month - then the rainy and road construction season start.

Oh and I came back and got a really good (I mean like super bitchen over the top) deal on a slightly used Dodge Magnum R/T, AWD. It looks like it's ready to do a wheelstand just sitting still and goes like it just stole something very very valuable!! Glad I finally got one.

And the wife had her shoulder surgery yesterday -not much fun now - but hopefully she'll get back to normal self by summer. Last 9 months have not been good for her (and due to the trickle down - not for me either).

Almost and then ...

Posted by pointzaca on January 31, 2006 at 5:56 PM Comments comments (0)
I get a bleeping blanking damn head cold- since the past weekend I have been trying to fight off a head cold, and I'm loosing. Whine, snivel, sneeze, etc. taking Zicam the new wonder drug and if it's helping then I'd really be bad off without it. Well, hopefully I'll be on the downhill side of it come sat. 6:40AM when plane leaves O'Hare.

Getting ready to bail ... for a week

Posted by pointzaca on January 28, 2006 at 10:53 AM Comments comments (0)

At this time next week we will be in the air heading towards a week in the US Virgin Islands, half on St Thomas & half on St Croix. I've wanted to see what they were like for the longest time so it will be interesting to explore and take in the local attitudes and atmosphere.

Oh and of course immersing my large white body in some warm salt water.

Have to try and avoid sunburn which will be a bit of a pain but since I've been having basal cells cut out of my face over the last couple years I'm a little concerned - but lightweight long sleeve shirts, hat, keeping in the shade when possible, and sunblock should take care off that.

At one time in my life (1971 & 72, my mid-20's) I spent a year on the Island of Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago-One nation, two islands-the furtherest south in the carribean) doing nothing but surfing and skin diving. Oh and a few other things, like reading and chillin' in the hammock, and some things that I quit doing when I became a Baha'i in 1977, and ironically enough Tobago was where I heard of the Baha'i Faith for the first time.

It was a special, yet surreal time, I was a tall slim California Surf hippy, not working for a year, no major responsibilities, just trying to sprend as little of the $3000. or so of savings that "we" (my 1st wife Suzie was part of the adventure -off & on)  arrived with. Our 1st house in the village of Buccoo was $15.00 US a month, and had 2 rooms, 2 lights, and 1 plug, running water was a faucet across the street, and the shower was outdoors near the outhouse both of which served a half dozen residents. We bought a used refrig. which made me  rich compared to most of my neighbors (who I ended up sharing ice with) and a used single speed Humber bicycle which was my only transport. That and the Bus to the main town on opposite side of Island - Scarborough, and rides with freinds or P-cars ("unoffical taxis" - who would give you a ride most anywhere for a buck). The 2nd house 6 months later was far better, fenced yard, a little kitchen under the house with running water to a sink just outside a little shuttered window, and our own private outhouse and outdoor shower, all for $20.00 a month. I think there's a Hotel where it was now,

We made freinds with the 4 locals who had gotten surf fever and boards left behind by a few people there before me, none of who had stayed for more than a few months in the winter (which is prime surf time in Carribean). Ah it was a special, surreal time, but one that still plays across the memory screen of my brain even all these years later. The picture in The Point Zaca Story of the right point break wave is of Mt Irvine the primary spot we surfed (and still the main spot, but now -from what I've read- is often overrun and has bad rasta-rude boy local only vibe.

So going to a place with warm water is going to be good and refreshing to my spirit.